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Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters demonstrating against gang attacks

Demonstrators clash with police Saturday during a protest against last week’s attacks in Yuen Long. (Edgar Su/Reuters)

July 27 -- The Washington Post

HONG KONG — Police on Saturday fired tear gas and projectiles in a crowded Hong Kong neighborhood after tens of thousands of defiant protesters gathered to denounce apparent pro-Beijing mobs that went on a violent rampage last weekend.

The protest — in the residential neighborhood of Yuen Long in Hong Kong’s New Territories, close to the border with mainland China — was not authorized by police, who cited fears of violence. Clashes left at least 17 people injured.

Yuen Long was the scene of a brazen mob attack on July 21 against anti-government protesters returning from a largely peaceful march. The mobs, which were armed with sticks and batons and carried Chinese flags, are said to be linked to organized crime syndicates known as triads.

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