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At center of Indonesia’s quake-tsunami devastation, scared survivors and limited options to leave

A boy stands Tuesday in front of a stranded ship in Donggala, in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. (Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)

October 2 -- The Washington Post

PASANGKAYU, Indonesia — They knew they had to go.

The city of Palu, battered by last week’s earthquake and tsunami, was now a place of fear — looters, lawlessness and a slow and difficult aid effort that has made food, fuel and water hard to come by.

Iffa Elia, her parents and her younger sister joined the exodus heading to the airport Monday. They were looking for any flight, anywhere. Yet only 24-year-old Elia made it out of Palu this time.

The rest of the family must decide whether to try again or to make do in what is left of their home.

The desperation and dashed hopes of those seeking to flee Palu are palpable as Indonesia struggles to cope with a crisis whose full extent is not yet clear.

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