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Cleanup begins in Hong Kong after night of anger against a government perceived as a puppet

ndrew Leung, president of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, looks at damaged glass panels Tuesday, a day after protesters broke into the council building. (Jorge Silva/Reuters)

July 2 -- The Washington Post

HONG KONG — During the many hours it took for the swelling crowd to break through the glass walls of Hong Kong’s legislature, several lawmakers forced their way to the front and pleaded with the protesters to stop. They and their calls for moderation were pushed away.

On Tuesday, the results of demonstrators’ successful bid to storm and briefly occupy the legislature — remnants of windows framed by jagged glass, graffiti, tangled metal barricades, hollowed glass doors — were on full display for anyone passing by the building.

The message they left behind is clear: The city’s young have arrived at the gates, and their anger and desperation cannot easily be quelled.

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