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Hong Kong protesters surround police headquarters, demand extradition bill be truly scrapped

People at the Wan Chai police headquarters on Friday demand the release of protesters arrested during clashes in Hong Kong. (Roman Pilipey/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

June 21-- The Washington Post

HONG KONG — Thousands of demonstrators again blocked main city thoroughfares on Friday and, in a new show of displeasure, surrounded police headquarters, demanding that a deeply unpopular extradition bill be fully withdrawn by the city’s leader and that police investigate cases of alleged police brutality.

For more than a week, enormous numbers of protesters have taken to the streets of the semiautonomous territory, calling for the scrapping of a bill that would allow for extraditions to China. The continued upheaval has placed Carrie Lam, the pro-Beijing chief executive, at the center of the most serious crisis of her political career.

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