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Myanmar’s Buddhists block Rohingya Muslims from blood supplies, report says

Hla Hla Shwe and her infant receive treatment at a clinic at a camp for displaced people in Rakhine state, Myanmar, in November. (Reuters)

December 24 -- The Washington Post

YANGON, Myanmar — One day earlier this month, a businessman turned social worker was going about a familiar and urgent task: looking for blood donors in camps crowded with Rohingya Muslims driven from their homes.

This time, Nu Maung needed three pints — one of O-positive, two of B-positive. Among those in need was a woman who had suffered complications during childbirth.

The military-led purges and abuses carried out against Myanmar’s Muslim minority Rohingya over the past year continue to yield new hardships. The blood hunt, as described by aid groups and others, offers another look at the extreme segregation Rohingya Muslims face in their country.

Full story here.


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