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Resettled Refugees, Seeking Peace in America, Find Gun Violence Instead

June 27 - The Trace/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Da Ku’s 12th birthday party seemed a lifetime away from the ramshackle refugee camp on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, where he was born.

Friends and family arrived at his aunt’s house in a steady stream, carrying armfuls of supplies to an increasingly crowded kitchen. The food reflected their past home (Burmese rice noodles, pork meatballs) and their new one in Wisconsin (white-frosted cake, topped with a plastic hunter stalking a toy deer).

But a conspicuous absence in the festivities served to remind Da Ku and his family that America had not proved to be the safe harbor they had hoped.

Full story here and here

Da Ku, 12, Hser Blut, 10, Ca Tri Na, Htee Moo, 13, and Dah Ku Hser, 7, pictured at the children’s aunt’s house for Da Ku’s 12th birthday. (Photo by Michelle Kanaar)


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