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‘Time is running out’: Inside the treacherous rescue of boys trapped in a Thai cave

July 13 - The Washington Post

MAE SAI, Thailand — The American Air Force officer was standing with three other rescuers July 8 when they finally felt a quick, strong tug on the line that ran from their gloved hands into the murky pool of water at their feet, a chain all the way through the flooded cave to the chamber where 12 young soccer players and their assistant coach had been trapped for 16 days.

The call “Fish on!” echoed off the stone, alerting rescuers up and down the passage that their treacherous mission was underway.

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Thai soldiers emerge from the mouth of Tham Luang cave in Northern Thailand on July 2, the day a missing boys’ soccer team and their coach were found. (Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP/Getty Images)


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